About ITEN


ITEN is the leadership development arm of World Outreach of the Evangelical Presbyterian Church. We embrace World Outreach mission, vision and values. The following statements provide further definition to ITEN’s ministry.


To provide partnership for theological education and leadership development
among those with least access to the gospel.


To see church leaders among least-access peoples formed theologically and resourced to train others.



Rev. Bruce Anderson, Ph.D
Rev. Bruce Anderson, Ph.DTheological Specialist
Bruce Anderson serves as a Theological Specialist for ITEN. He is the founder of ITEN and the founder and current president of the Institute for Reformation (IFR).
Rev. Paul Branch, Ph.D
Rev. Paul Branch, Ph.DEducation Specialist
As an ITEN Educational Specialist, Paul Branch serves ITEN as a trainer for international partners in the areas of online education, curriculum development, and faculty training.
Catherine Burns
Catherine BurnsTheological Specialist for Special Needs Families
Catherine serves with ITEN as a theological specialist for special needs families in Central Asia.
Rev. Dan Burns, Ph.D
Rev. Dan Burns, Ph.DTheological Specialist
Dan serves with ITEN in Central Asia, helping to equip the next generation of church leaders with Biblical and theological training. Dan and his wife, Catherine, both served in planting the first Reformed churches in this region of the world from 1993-2011.
Rev. Stephen Kelley
Rev. Stephen KelleyTheological Specialist
Stephen serves as a theological specialist with ITEN. He is a Founder and the Director of the European Training Center for believers from a Muslim background.
Rev. Mike Kuhn, Ph.D
Rev. Mike Kuhn, Ph.DDirector of ITEN
Mike serves as the Director for ITEN. He has lived twenty-eight years in four different countries around the Mediterranean: France, Morocco, Egypt and Lebanon. His focus has been on discipleship and leadership development in the Muslim context.
Stephanie Kuhn, M.Ed
Stephanie Kuhn, M.EdEducation Consultant
Stephanie serves as an Educational Consultant with ITEN. Combining her educational background with her cross-cultural experience, she endeavors to consult on matters of assessment and best practices for ITEN’s ministry.
Rev. Ed McCallum, DMin.
Rev. Ed McCallum, DMin.Associate for Site and Program Development
Ed serves as ITEN’s Associate for Site and Program Development. His ITEN focus in Southeast Asia has facilitated the writing of theological curriculum in accessible English.
Nan McCallum, M.Ed
Nan McCallum, M.EdITEN Program Assistant
Nan McCallum currently serves as Ed’s assistant to his Biblical teaching at ITEN sites. She enjoys equipping women in their roles as ambassadors for Christ in their homes, churches and communities. Nan is also the Senior Child Safety Officer for EPC World Outreach.